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Escape into the Happiest Destinations on Earth with a personalized Adventure customized for you and your family or friends, filled with joyfully curated regional experiences


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Escape into the Happiest Destinations on Earth with a personalized Adventure customized for you and your family or friends, filled with joyfully curated regional experiences.

It’s been a long while since the first World Happiness Report was released in 2012, with the latest annual ranking of the world’s happiest countries being provided by the United Nations as of Fall of 2023. Explore the official revised list of top countries rated for their ultimate quality of life resulting in the happiest people on Earth.

Come along and get happy with Thirdhome’s inspiring journeys designed especially for you with our built-in “Happy Factors” for the ultimate happiness!

The Happy Factor

It has been scientifically proven that escaping from the ordinary and into nature, being near water or simply being in the company of happy people, are all “Endorphin Boosting Experiences”…therefore this results in increased personal happiness!


Travel with your own small-group on this Adventure choosing your favorite people to journey with, whether it is just the two of you or more the merrier.

Choose a curated itinerary immersed with “The Happy Factors” that embrace your personal travel style while merging it with your choice of fun-filled experiences with our top recommendations.

Choose your desired dates of travel and best timeframe for your personal life and work needs; Thirdhome will then research all available options to quote the perfect Happy Place Adventure for you.

Choose your desired accommodations to escape into from our vast roster of travel partners that offer luxurious accommodations within boutique hotels, villas, manors and countryside estates. Select whether you prefer 4-star deluxe or 5-star luxury accommodations that best provides the comfort level you are desiring and the “happiest place for your wallet’s budget”.

Choose how you would like to journey whether it’s by self-driving with a rental car of your choice or opting in for pre-arranged group transportation in deluxe mini-coaches (in some destinations the local rail systems are another marvelous way to travel). Then journey along the most scenic routes we have found, roaming at your own pace with your provided rental car or with your private group driver-guide and/or train pass, while also having planned special stops and experiences along the way on our recommended itinerary.

Experience and taste authentic cuisine embedded within your expertly planned itinerary that oozes with delightful regional dining, inspiring cooking classes and/or traditional tastings at a local’s licensed kitchen table. Of course any dietary special requirements can also be arranged and planned for throughout your journey.

Gain access to delightful regional experiences built into your journey, with “The Happy Factor” included featuring the top best regional sightseeing excursions and local happenings.

Discover the authentic side of your destination and immerse yourself in genuine culture with wow-factor moments and expertly guided outings that will have you reminiscing for years to come!

A minimum group size of 2 or more people

The Happiest Destinations


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – Finland’s Lakeland region is composed of 180,000 lakes for ice skating, ice fishing, boating and swimming depending on the season; enjoy cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, sleigh-rides to Santa’s Official Home in Rovaniemi, visiting the Snow Castle & Ice Castle, and viewing the magnificent Aurora Borealis Northern Lights experience; scenic coastal escapes with hiking and biking for all levels
  • The Cultural Connection – Helsinki is known for its plethora of cultural and music festivals, with many towns having their own unique heritages celebrated every day; while the Samiland culture provides the complete perfect balance of solitude and old-world traditions.
  • The Rural Pleasures – The lure of Lapland’s extreme remoteness along with its extraordinary night skies appeals to all who experience it. And what better way to get cozy that being in Finland’s world-renowned wonderland of “amuse-bouche” sauna experiences (the long-founded tradition of savoring something prior to dining or something that occurs to enhance your digestion and eating experience); dip into and soak your worries away within the highly desired sauna escapes on our list.
  • The Cuisine Scene – Boost your taste buds as Finland serves up a culinary platter that showcases eight seasons of Lapland’s local produce and its extraordinary bounty of Finnish recipes that can only be derived from its unique terroir, which very few places on Earth have.

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

Winter in YllasStay in Finland’s famous Ice Castle & explore Wonderland Village3Nts
Winter with Santa ClausImmersive Rovaniemi Village experience with stay in either Arctic Tree House, Santa’s Hotel or Arctic Lights Hotel with Aurora Borealis Adventures & Santa Claus Visit with Reindeer Safari3Nts
Levi & The Midnight SunExplore Levi Village, Samiland Culture, Arctic Hiking, Aurora Safari with Reindeer Sleigh Ride, Snowmobile Safari3Nts
A Finnish Adventure Delve deeper into the Northern Lights, with a Snowshoes Tour, Starlight Sledding, Ice Fishing, Sauna & traditional Lapland Dinner4Nts
Land of a Thousand Lakes Escape to Helsinki with city highlights touring & journey through the scenic lake towns of Tampere, Jyvaskyla, Savonlinna and Porvoo6Nts
Fantastic FinlandCombine the best of Finland with visits to Helsinki, Kuusamo, Santa’s Home & Villages, Snow Castle & much more9Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – Get a jolt with extreme sports and adventurous outings that include kite surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, sea kayaking and wakeboarding
  • The Cultural Connection – Denmark offers a mix of unique lively towns to choose your city escaping fun while taking in some of the best shopping and dining experiences
  • The Rural Pleasures – Escape into Denmark’s quaint picturesque countryside filled with medieval churches, Renaissance castles and 18th century villages. There are three UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore: The Jelling rune stones, Roskilde Cathedral and the home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – Kronborg Castle
  • The Cuisine Scene – A true mecca for an indulgent gourmand, Denmark won’t disappoint! Savor traditional old-world pastries; devour a traditional Danish smorrebrod of open-faced sandwiches with pickled herring or roast beef; sip and taste your way through organic nirvana with many extraordinary restaurants; and do as the locals with experimenting with their fabulous street-foods, and wash it all down with the delightful Danish craft beers.

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

Copenhagen’s Wonders & Castles Explore magnificent Copenhagen with in-depth excursions of Tivoli Gardens, Frederiksborg Castle & Palace Gardens including the UNESCO Kronborg Castle, Amalienbord Palace and Rosenborg Castle, Private Copenhagen Nordic Dinner or Lunch Cooking Class, Walking Foodie Tasting Walking Tour, and a private Bicycle like the Danes tour4Nts
Aarhus Regional HighlightsStay in the historic city of Aarhus with an in-depth private guided walking tour2Nts
A Viking’s History Visit the ancient city of Aalborg with a guided walking tour of Renaissance history – explore Aalborghus Castle, House of Music, the Underground Franciscan Monastery Museum, Lindholm Hoje Viking Burial Site and the Regan Vest (the Cold War bunker that was kept a state secret for decades)2Nts
Scandic Odense Escape to the island of Funen with a private guided walking tour, HC Anderson’s childhood birthplace and home, historic 18th century Funen Village, and a memorable 1-hour Odense River Cruise aboard Aarfart2Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – There are no shortages of thrilling activities to consider while in Iceland, as it is the rated as the #1 Adventure destination for thrill-seekers. Consider snowmobiling, ice caving and ice climbing, glacier hiking, dog sledding, scuba diving, river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, ATV buggy explorations, mountain biking, horseback riding with Icelandic horses, volcano tours, helicopter rides, heli-skiing and heli-snowboarding, paragliding and skydiving, and surfing.
  • The Cultural Connection – The city of Reykjavik has been designated a UNESCO City of Literature, famous for its nation of book lovers, and draws many writers and authors. Iceland has long been famous also for its natural playground, but its also its vibrant music scene from its local bands to big-name entertainers, that draws travelers to its core. There are numerous festivals year-round showcasing the arts, music, food and everything in between.
  • The Rural Pleasures – Escape the city and explore any of the 100 Nordic neighboring small towns and rural fishing villages of Iceland with their colorful old houses, cozy coffee houses, award-winning museums, Arctic Circle breathtaking views, hot springs and spectacular whale watching from the shores.
  • The Cuisine Scene – Discover Icelandic food considered as the “New Nordic Cuisine” that has placed this destination on Europe’s culinary map as being the most dynamic gastronomic experience. Visit Hofn, Iceland’s coastal culinary haven filled with charm and delicious seafood; taste the fresh catch of the day or perhaps Icelandic lobster, nibble on Skyr wild bilberries and cream, warm your soul with lamb or fish stews, wake up to unique pancakes with rhubarb jam or fried dough balls with raisins and spices – not to leave out their delicious baked breads!

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

Highlights of ReykjavikStay in the Capital each evening with various explorative tours featuring an in-depth guided Golden Circle and Fontana Steam Bath, a Lava Fields Tour by Horseback, a South Shore Adventure to glaciers and waterfalls, including a Blue Lagoon Premium Entrance pass experience for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation4Nts
The Southern Icelandic Adventure Visit Reykjavik and explore in depth the Nordic Southern side with kayaking the Solheimajokull Glacier, and a snowmobile excursion of the Vik Myrdalsjokull Glacier4Nts
Intriguing Iceland AdventureVisit Reykjavik and explore the rural Icelandic town of Akureyri, a Game of Thrones local sites tour, including an Ice Glacier guided hike, along with a Blue Lagoon Comfort Entrance pass6Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – Get boosted with a plethora of activities that will blow your mind – go abseiling (or ziplining part of the way) down the tallest building in Rotterdam; bungee jump at the Scheveningen beach bridge 60-metres above sea level; parachute jumping on the quaint Dutch island of Texel and choose from different heights with 13,000-ft being the most extreme; or try indoor skydiving at a state-of-the-art skydiving center with its very own wind tunnel with wind-speeds up to 170-mph.
  • The Cultural Connection – Visit the world-famous cities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam; discover their artist hang-outs, unique coffee shops, beer gardens, bicycle pathways, charming canals and cobblestoned streets.
  • The Rural Pleasures – Stroll the scenic storybook cheese capitals of Gouda and Alkmaar; and soak in authentic cultural charm in Volendam and Delft, including Veluwe’s largest nature reserve and park, the Wadden islands and the seaside towns of the Dutch Coast, along with the world-famous tulip bulb fields.
  • The Cuisine Scene – Taste the best of Dutch cuisine and local goods within a country that is proud of its fresh and sustainable regional produce; known for the marvelous “Cheese Valley” and the birthplace of Gouda cheese; savor fresh seafood and wild meats, including farm-produces honeys and ciders, to Michelin-stars and culinary marketplaces that will fill your bell and open your mind to the Dutch-International fusion cuisine.

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

Essential AmsterdamStay in the historic city of Amsterdam with guided local tour, pub visit with dinner, and a private walking tour with a Rijksmuseum entrance pass and tour3Nts
Charming Canal Capitals by Rail Visit Amsterdam with a local canal boat tour, a Rijksmuseum entrance pass and tour, a half-day guided walking tour; and then enjoy a rail journey to Bruges to explore and enjoy a private city walking tour, and with ample free time in each city (Option to add-on Paris for 2Nts)5Nts
Highlights of Holland & Flanders (Four Cities) by Rail – Explore the picturesque canal-cultures and regions between Amsterdam and historic Flanders by first class rail; enjoy the city with a canal boat tour and Rijksmuseum visit, a local pub dinner and Dutch beer walking tour; continue to Rotterdam by rail and enjoy a private Delft & The Hague tour; continue to Ghent by rail to explore this historic city’s charm; then onward by rail to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bruges with a private city walking tour to visit its marvelous historic sites8Nts
Dutch Culture & Belgian Cuisine by Rail Escape to Amsterdam, with a pub dinner and city-walking tour, with a Rijksmuseum entrance pass and tour; then rail to Rotterdam with a countryside visit of Kinderdijk’s iconic18th-century windmills; then rail to Brussels to enjoy a private walking tour – with your choice of sprinkled-in culinary culinary highlights in each city catered to appeal to your taste buds8Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – Get your heart pumping within Sweden’s largest playground of fun! Consider river rafting, downhill mountain biking, bungee jumping, alpine climbing and skiing, Sleddog adventures with Alaska huskies, hiking for all levels and extensive trail running – not to mention its passion for sailing
  • The Cultural Connection – From its magnificent castles and cathedrals including its breathtaking Drottningholm Palace, Malmo Castle and Stockholm Palace, and the fabulous museums in Sweden, including Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s original cobblestoned historic district), Sweden’s culture and history will certainly not disappoint
  • The Rural Pleasures – Engage in old-world historic charm within picturesque the medieval town of Visby, sleep in the original Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi where every winter its a new masterpiece, journey the historic Gota Canal onboard a vintage boat, or visit the Laponian Arctic Circle region of the native Saami people tribe and their reindeer herds; go in search of the spectacular Northern Lights inside the Arctic Circle
  • The Cuisine Scene – Connect with Swedes and follow in their footsteps to discover why they believe a meal worth eating takes three hours; splurge on old-country smorgasbords, Swedish smoked fish served with potato pancakes, savory meatballs with homemade noodles and gravy, ending with delightfully delicious pastries

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

Stunning Stockholm City HighlightsStay in the historic city of Stockholm with an in-depth private guided walking tour of Royal Stockholm, a Taste of Nordic Stockholm foodie walking tour, and an Archipelago Speed Boat Tour4Nts
Northern Sweden & The Arctic Lapland by Rail – Explore two off-the-beaten-path wilderness villages with a visit to Kiruna with a Wilderness Tour by snowmobile in hunt of the Northern Lights; then journey by rail to Abisko National Park to enjoy a four-course Lapland dinner experience at the Aurora Sky Station (one of the world’s best places to view the Aurora Borealis); and continue by rail to Stockholm for a lovely city-spree with a guided sightseeing tour5Nts
Best of Sweden’s Tri-Cities (self-drive)Visit Stockholm with private City Highlights Walking Tour and a Speed Boat Tour of the Archipelago, then journey to Gothenburg to enjoy a guided Drive-Guide tour and a Paddan Boat Tour to explore the 17th century canals and moat, then onward to Malmo with a Rundan Boat Tour, and return to Stockholm for a finale evening9Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – Serotonin seekers will adore Norway, as it provides exhilarating activities year-round, ranging from snow-rafting in the fjords, kayaking the rivers and lakes, fantastic mountain hiking within the deep Oldedalen Valley beneath the Jostedalsbreen glacier; and for hard-core enthusiasts hike the Molladalen valley with its 1200-1400-metre alpine peaks and summits; go abseiling and downhill climbing into the 90-meter Skjervsfossen waterfall; rappel off the Zakarias Dam and ski the slopes from winter into spring.
  • The Cultural Connection – Explore Norwegian’s Viking legacy fascinating activities, festivals, museums and historic tours in their living villages throughout the country; learn about the real “Modern Vikings”, their mythical stories and the Norwegian Trolls. From this country, one can also easily explore the Samiland village for memorable encounters with their tribal people and their reindeer herds.
  • The Rural Pleasures – Traverse the most sweeping and dramatic landscapes by rail along Northern Europe’s longest and deepest Norwegian fjords route, to enjoy breathtaking scenery of thundering waterfalls, magnificent fjords and majestic mountain ranges, lakes and rivers.
  • The Cuisine Scene – Savor traditional Norwegian gastronomy and taste delicious locally-sourced ingredients that are unique to their tables; indulge in artisan farm-produced beef and cheeses that are virtually disease-free; sip artisan micro-brews of beer and coffee. Delight in fresh Arctic Cod and Norwegian King Crab; in addition explore new tastes and elevate your palate with wild meats such as moose, venison, reindeer and grouse. Dine in some of the most awarded Norwegian restaurants in the world, as it is one of the most awarded countries in history for the ultimate culinary experience.
  • The Noble Art of Kos – There is a reason why Norwegians are among the happiest people on Earth. Encounter and master the noble art of Kos…a truly special intangible concept that is uniquely Norwegian: It is the art of consciously appreciating what is happening in the moment. Kos is a state of mind, a feeling that can be felt alone or with others.

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

From Oslo with LoveStay in the historic city of Aarhus with an in-depth private guided walking tour2Nts
Norway in a Nutshell (Oslow to Bergen) Enjoy the city of Oslo with a guided walking tour of its highlights; journey on the historic Flam Railway from Oslo to Flam with an afternoon walking tour of the village; continue to Bergen by rail and board a guided bus experience along hairpin bends along the steepest road in Europe for views of the Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen waterfalls.4Nts
Tromso Visit the charming town of Tromso to view the spectacular Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun; embark on an Aurora Safari with dinner and campfire; take a snowmobile snow safari into the wilderness to the center of Camp Tamok.3Nts
Lofoten Islands Exploration Escape to the island archipelago of Lofoten, located North of the Arctic Circle; enjoy visiting the scenic fishing village of Svolvaer with a guided walking tour; take the Aurora Jager Tour with dramatic views of fjords and mountain peaks; Sea kayak and enjoy Norwegian hospitality2Nts
Ultimate Scandinavia (Oslo/Copenhagen/Stockholm/Helsinki)Experience the best of the iconic capital cities of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland within this beautifully curated itinerary12Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – For the ultimate thrills in this most extraordinary natural playground, consider bungee-jumping from Contra Dam (fans of 007 Golden Eye need no introduction to this activity); paraglide over Switzerland’s largest scenic Lac Leman; go Alpine canyoning and rappelling; taboggan down Switzerland’s longest run on mount Frakmuntegg; challenge yourself on Mount Titlis with a heart-pounding hike and walk across the narrow bridge; battle the river Landquart with a thrilling whitewater rafting experience; skydive the north face of Eiger mountain known as the “Death Wall” as you plummet 15,000-ft at 120-mph; or experience a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime ride with a view of the Alps flying a former Swiss Air Force fighter jet (a Hawker Hunter to be exact).
  • The Cultural Connection – Switzerland’s richly diverse cultural offers centuries-old gems and sites to take in, with just some of our favorites being, Zurich’s Munsterhof Fountain that dispenses wine; strolling the preserved medieval towns and historical architectural wonders; marvel at the artwork of the handmade signs in Appenzell; hike the historic Simmental House Trail that passes idyllic Swiss villages and wooden chalets; ride on the marvelously engineered Swiss train routes; walk in the footsteps of Charlie Chaplin in Lausanne at the Photo Elysee museum that stores the historic photographic archives of this famous icon; explore Geneva on an electric tuk-tuk; plan a pilgrimage to Einsiedeln Abbey to visit the Chapel of Grace’s Black Madonna and to be inspired by a performance of the angelic monk choir; and enjoy a distinct Mediterranean escape exploring the Swiss-Italian region of the Alps which are easy to get to.
  • The Rural Pleasures – It’s so easy to feel like you have fallen into a Tolkien novel fairytale, with over 18 enchanting villages to see to believe, so one can never become bored outside of Switzerland’s bustling cities. Explore the quaint downs with memorable road-tripping escapes infused with beautiful landscapes that movies are made of.
  • The Cuisine Scene – Eat your way through this decadent country with an emphasis on “Swisstainability” of locally grown foods; sample the best local flavors at the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on the Marbach Food Trail in Entlebuch to taste artisan cheeses and meats, encounter alpine dairy farmers and take a scenic gondola ride and enjoy panoramic views between bites. Switzerland serves up everything from Michelin star dining, Slow Food to Fast-Sustainable Street Foods, all of which showcase the strict ProSpecieRara (an organization dedicated to preserving the cultural and genetic diversity of their foods and animals); of course don’t forget to dip into the deliciously prepared fondues while sipping wonderful wine vintages; get gooey over their divine chocolates; or enjoy the plethora of food festivals such as the annual “Culinary Circus” that is Food Zurich, the haute cuisine bash held every September.

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

Zurich HighlightsStay in the historic city of Zurich and enjoy a 24-hr ZurichCARD for entrance into top city sites and attractions; a Rhine Falls excursions with a visit to the historic charming medieval town of Stein am Rhein; along with a Zurich Highlights tour with a cruise and visit of the Lindt Home of Chocolate.3Nts
Experience the Swiss Alps Explore the magnificent Alps from Geneva to Lausanne and ending in Interlaken. Enjoy a private guided Geneva walking tour; a private Hot Tub Boat tour on Lake Brienz in Lausanne; a private guided Interlaken walking tour and a full-day Jungfraujoch Top of Europe excursion from Interlaken. 6Nts
Grand Touring Switzerland (Self-Drive) Explore the ultimate locales of Switzerland at your own pace by rental car on this robust itinerary that highlights the country’s charming cities and extraordinary beautiful cities of Zurich, St Gallen, Davos, Lugano, Zermatt, Montreux, Gstaad and Lucerne. In addition this itinerary includes an abundance of cultural attractions and delicious cuisine sprinkled in.8Nts
Swiss Panorama by Rail Escape on a memorable train journey through Switzerland that begins in Zurich, progressing through the postcard-perfect towns of Lucerne and Grindelwald; then onward to the tres chic Montreux and ending with a finale in Geneva. Built-in enjoy guided walking tours, a Jungfraujoch excursion, Mt Blanc/Chamonix tour, the famous Chocolate Train and much more! Rail between all cities is provided with a Swiss Travel Pass including the famous Golden Pass Scenic Train Line.9Nts
The Grand Alpine Train Tour Encounter the best of majestic Switzerland on this itinerary on multiple world-famous rail routes that showcase the country’s greatest cities onboard the most scenic alpine trains. Begin in Zurich, then onward to Interlaken, Montreux, Zermatt, St Moritz, Lugano and ending in Lucerne. Journey aboard the Golden Pass Scenic Train Line to Montreux, the Glacier Express Scenic to St Moritz, the Bernina Express Scenic Train to Lugano, the Gotthard Route Train and boat ride to Lucerne, and the pre-Alpine Express or Mt Pilatus excursion, with top best experiences designed at every stop!10Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey


Endorphin-boosting destination perks:

  • Adrenaline Rushes – New Zealand dares you to do their top thrilling activities, ranging from bungee catapulting in the Nevis Valley to experience 3Gs of force; jet-boating along the famous Shotover River at 50+ mph; zip-lining the ancient Rotorua forest canopy with its swing bridges; caving the underground chambers of surreal St Benedict’s Caverns; mountain biking lush redwood forests; rolling and tumbling in giant inflatable bizarre balls down Mt Ngongotaha; hiking Mt Tarawera’s crater for 360 panoramic vistas; heli-skiing the extreme slopes; white-water rafting on the Kaituna Waterfall (considered a Grade 5); soaring like an eagle on a mountain gliding experience; tandem-diving freefalling at 125-mph as you then parachute back to ground; floating through the IFLY skydiving gravity-defying simulator with a trained expert; abseiling, zip lining and swimming at either the majestic Kitekite Falls or Abel Tasman Canyons; “Walking the Wildwire” in Wanaka for the most advanced climbing expedition to the top of Twin Falls Waterfall; or heli-biking on a downhill journey you’ll never forget.
  • The Cultural Connection – New Zealand possesses a very unique demographic that has blended cultures of Oceanian and Polynesian with European traditions. The Kiwis are composed of families who are a mixture of Maori, Polynesian, Asian and European descent. The local people are friendly, good-humored and hospitable, while having great pride in sharing their arts, history and spiritual lore that reaches deep into the multi-cultural Maori ethnicity. The core concept of the Maori culture are Mana (represents prestige), Tapu (represents the sacred and untouchable), and Utu (represents reciprocation).
  • The Rural Pleasures – There’s a valid reason why the tourism board declares “100% Pure New Zealand”, as one can escape to the boutique wineries to sip their cares away; take refuge in the 15 most picturesque small towns dotted around the two sister islands; experience the night skies with stargazing beyond your imagination due to no light pollution; hike the serene subtropical kauri forests; awe at the fjords and be bewildered by breathtaking views; splash in the inviting remote and wild swimming spots, or soak up the sun on golden sands of sensational beaches.
  • The Cuisine Scene – Devour quintessential culinary cultures, from fresh crayfish to delicious King Salmon, famous New Zealand roasted lamb, traditional Maori Hangi underground earth-oven cooking and barbecues, or the buttery-flaky crusted Humble Pies filled with savory combinations, to the all-time Kiwi favorite fast-food of freshly prepared fish and chips. Wash it all down with a refreshingly fizzy Lemon & Paeroa non-alcoholic soda or one of their renowned artisan ciders. End it all on a sweet note with either a hokey-pokey (creamy vanilla ice cream with tiny bits of crunchy bees’ honeycomb), delightful pavlova pastry with fresh fruit and meringue, or handmade Whittaker’s chocolate slabs filled with peanuts, macadamia nuts, creamy caramel and jellies. Of course let’s not leave out the world-class cheeses unique to New Zealand, and their marvelous wines.

Inspiring Recommended Itineraries:

The Essentials of New ZealandThis adventurous self-drive exploration combines the highlights of the North and South Islands, with the flexibility to explore at your own pace with a rental car. Begin this memorable journey in Auckland, then travel onward to Rotorua for its spectacular geothermal geysers with a relaxing heated mineral pools deluxe spa experience, and a boat tour through the grotto of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Continue onward to Christchurch to enjoy Te Puia’s world famous Maori Hangi dinner and cultural performance experience; then to Queenstown and Mount Cook village, explore the countryside of Te Anau and Lake Wakatipu with a Milford Sound Mariner tour-cruise to view the cascading waterfalls. Onward explore Franz Josef and its gorge and lakes with a boutique wine tour with lunch, along with a g hiking tour of Westland National Park & Glaciers followed by a helicopter ride for stunning aerial views; end with a finale Tranz Alpine Train ride in Christchurch to relax.10Nts
Short & Sweet New Zealand Take a shorter adventure through New Zealand that showcases all the above locations and built-in experiences, with the exception of the Franz Josef region and experiences which are not included.7Nts
Experiences can be combined to create your ideal journey



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