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Explore our most sought-after global travel inspirations and enticing niche interests, featuring hand-picked delightful destinations and curated experiences by Liz


Choose your Travel Dates – select the timeframe you wish to travel, keeping in mind that each global destination has its unique seasonality which can affect pricing based on low season, mid season or peak season.

Be Inspired with Liz’s List of top-best Itinerary Packages – select from the below hand-picked already designed and most frequently requested packaged itineraries. These perfectly curated packages can inspire you, and be enjoyed as designed or combined together to create your ideally desired journey.

Select from a Choice of Accommodations – Custom Travel quotes are provided for all curated journeys, which factor in the type of accommodations that best fits the comfort and service level you are desiring, along with the “happiest options for your wallet’s budget”. Our vast roster of 4-5 star accommodations incorporate boutique properties that are gifted with unbridled locations, distinct charismatic characters and extraordinary service, depending upon the location you have chosen, such as – historical heritage hotels, sustainable eco-hotels, exotic rainforest lodges, arctic treehouses, winery and countryside estates, royal casas, barefoot-chic bungalows, majestic castles, romantic chateaus, stately manor homes, divine monasteries and historic registry properties, mesmerizing ice hotels, luxurious villas, exclusive private islands, unusual glamping locales, pampering spa retreats and wellness resorts.

Choose how you would like to journey – if you enjoy roaming at your own pace and prefer a self-driving journey with a rental car of your choice (OR) if you want to be driven and prefer pre-arranged transportation with local driver-guide (in some destinations the local rail systems are another marvelous way to travel with global rail passes), we can quote the option that best fits your style. Either way we can ensure your journey is planned along the most scenic routes, yet still incorporating all the planned special stops and experiences along the way on our recommended itineraries. Please note that in some locations and/or on some of the packaged itineraries, we will advise best journey options for comfort and timing.

Your choice of Culturally Immersive Experiences – that embrace your personal travel style (whether you prefer full day or half day excursions), paired with what you ideally want to see and do, along with our top-best fun-filled experiences and personalized recommendations. Please note that on our curated packaged itineraries below, we have already included the top best experiences.

Experience the Local Cuisine your way – taste authentic cuisine embedded within your expertly planned itinerary that oozes with delightful regional dining, inspiring cooking classes, including traditional local street foods and marketplaces, all designed with your palate’s preferences. Of course any dietary special requirements can also be arranged and planned for throughout your journey.

WOW (“with optimal wonderment”) Moments – for all those special times you are celebrating, we can curate each individual journey with all the built-in “Happy Factors” that you ultimately seek, including any birthday or anniversary celebrations including life milestones. WOW Moments can include exclusive local happenings in the region, any niche interest you might have, or perhaps a marvelous concerto or a romantic opera; or an unforgettable private dinner with a musical serenade for two in a breathtaking location…whatever you imagine and desire, can be a curated experienced!

Curated Journey Pricing – Your dates of travel and seasonality, number of travelers and rooms required, along with all your desired accommodations and “Happy Factors” built in, will determine pricing. This is a personalized process we work on together in the design of your journey.

Customized journeys are designed for 2 or more people

Liz’s List


Indulge in these expertly curated packaged experiences

These niche escapes can be enjoyed as designed or combined together to create your desired journey



The South of France is an evocative region, characterized by earthy tones and temperate landscapes, where only vineyards and olive foliage breaks the silence, disturbed by the Mediterranean breeze. Combining the pastoral Provence with the glamorous French Riviera, this package allows travelers to revel in France’s finest. Indulge in a gourmet cooking class with a local market visit with a chef, choosing and preparing a memorable meal; along with delightful guided sightseeing and regional wine tastings.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 3 Nights Nice + 3 Nights Aix en Provence + 3 Nights Avignon
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Daily Breakfast for two
  • Italian Rail Passes in 1st Class between cities
  • Private Arrival & Departure Transfers in each location
  • Full-day Private Cote d’Azur Tour (in Nice)
  • Full-day Small Group Wines of the Luberon Villages Tour (in Provence)
  • A Gourmet Cooking Experience Class with local market visit (includes a 3-course lunch)
  • Full-day Private Roman Historic Sites & Historical Places (in Avignon)

Escape on a romantic getaway in two of Italy’s most attractive provinces within Piedmont’s Langhe wine region in Grazzano Badoglio and Benevello, then onward to marvelous Lake Como. Enjoy luxurious boutique hotels and beautiful villas, while tasting some of the world’s best known wines including Barolo and Barbaresco. Visit local farmers and growers to indulge in their local products on a delicious cheese and hazelnut tour. Unwind in the idyllic surroundings of Lake Como, while touring the charming towns of Como, Bellagio, and Varenna; dine in stylish trattorias, and spend an evening marveling at the sunset on a lake boating excursion, all which promise the perfect ending to your memorable Italian holiday!

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 2 Nights in Grazzano Badoglio + 2 Nights Benevello + 2 Nights Lake Como
  • Stay in hand-picked designed luxury properties specific for this itinerary
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Italian Rail Passes in 1st Class between cities (or Rental Car add-on option)
  • Private Arrival & Departure Transfers in each location
  • Full-day Private Wine Tour in Langhe Region with driver-guide (tasting red/white wines)
  • Private Artisan Cheese & Hazelnut Tour in Benevello with driver-guide
  • Private Como Walking Tour with guide
  • Private Sunset & Prosecco Boating Excursion on Lake Como
  • Private Scenic Panoramic Lake Como Tour by Ferry (viewing gardens, villas and hamlets)
  • OPTIONAL: Combine this with a 4 additional nights in Turin & Langhe – to enjoy a Private Gastronomic Walking Tour in Turin, and a Wine Lunch with tastings, a Villa Cooking Class and an artisan Chocolate Tasting experience

Indulge in the quaint region of Umbria and/or Perugia to enjoy the pleasant Italian picturesque vineyards without the crowds, and experience exquisite dishes and regionally grown wines. Set out each day on a romantic escape with an included rental car from your charming villa, visiting the most prominent wine region in all of Italy, while sipping local varietals and enjoying gourmet dinners with wine pairings. This unique villa experience does not require booking the entire villa, so enjoy accommodations within only one luxurious room within our roster of fabulous wine-producing villas!

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 3 Nights in Umbria (and/or Perugia option) within a wine-producing countryside villa (4-5 star options)
  • 4-Day Rental Car of your choice with unlimited miles (includes an area guidebook and map)
  • Daily Breakfast for two
  • One 3-Course Regional Cuisine Dinner
  • One Gourmet Dinner with wine pairings (with two wine tastings)
  • A Local Chef Cooking Class (with lunch you’ve prepared)
  • OPTIONAL: Combine this with a Taste of Perugia – to enjoy 3 Nights in Perugia, with a Private Guided Tasting Walking Tour, and a marvelous Private Sagrantino Tour with lunch and wine tasting.

Enjoy the charms of Puglia on this self-driven journey through picturesque villages and a cuisine like nowhere else. Start in historic Bari, and set out into the quaint countryside to spend time exploring the great wines, fresh produce, local farms and tempting local restaurants. Delve into the unique regional history alongside expert guides while in Ostuni and Alberobello with its memorable trulli white-washed homes. While in Lecce, learn culinary secrets behind the delicious Puglian dishes with marvelous tasting experiences, while also discovering the artisan-crafted cheeses such as mozzarella and burrata.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 1 Night Bari + 2 Nights Lecce + 3 Nights Regional Boutique Countryside Accommodations
  • 6-Day Rental Car of your choice with unlimited miles (includes an area guidebook and map)
  • Daily Breakfast for two
  • Private Bari Walking Tour with a memorable Lunch in Local Home
  • Private Ostuni & Alberobello Tour
  • Local Olive Oil Tasting Experience
  • Afternoon Puglian Cooking Class (making Mozzarella Cheese, Pasta and Focaccia)
  • Regional Cuisine Dinner in Lecce

Experience the diverse and culturally rich island of Sicily on this self-driven itinerary infused with culinary and cultural wonders. Explore Palermo with its medieval history, baroque churches and Arabic street markets; and set out to discover the Valley of Temples to marvel at this once powerful civilization locale known as Agrigento. Journey to the rural countryside at the Fontes Episcopi bio-resort to unwind and enjoy La Dolce Vita island-style, where you will enjoy relaxing massages and indulging local cuisine. Awaken all your senses on this delightful sojourn in Sicily, the island that conveys an entirely unique Italy.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 2 Nights Palermo + 3 Nights at Fontes Episcopi Bio Resort Accommodations
  • 6-Day Rental Car of your choice with unlimited miles (includes an area guidebook and map)
  • Daily Breakfast for two
  • Wellness Gift Basket with Local Artisan Products
  • Private Palermo Walking Tour with local guide
  • One Massage per person at Fontes Episcopi Bio Resort Spa
  • One Sicilian Cooking Class with local chef
  • Three 3-Course Local Dinners
  • Private Agrigento’s Valley of Temples Tour
  • OPTIONAL: Combine this experience with 3 Nights in Taormina, which includes a Private guided tour of Toarmina and a lovely local Dinner



Fall in love with the idyllic Greek isles and discover the most well-known Aegean gems on this romantic itinerary. Begin your journey in Athens for classic art and top sights; then whisk away to Mykonos and island hop to Santorini and Crete. From beginning to end, this odyssey will enlighten your nirvana as you encounter extraordinary ancient history, picturesque fishing villages, mesmerizing vistas and sunsets, stunning beaches, white-washed architecture, delightful Hellenic cuisine and delicious wines, all wrapped around the dazzling Aegean sea. Also consider an extension or alternate island discovery itinerary with visits to the lesser-known undiscovered Greek islands of Naxos & Milos.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 3 Nights Athens + 2 Nights Mykonos + 3 Nights Santorini + 3 Nights Crete
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Breakfast daily for two
  • Private Transfers in all locations from airport/ferry port to hotels
  • Ferry (OR) Flights from mainland Greece to the Islands and between the isles
  • Private Athens City Tour with Top Sites, Plaka District & The Acropolis
  • One traditional 3-Course “Kuzina” (Kitchen) Dinner in Athens
  • A Best of Mykonos Private Tour with Cooking Class at a restaurant by the sea
  • One Local Dinner in Mykonos
  • Wine Roads & Vineyards Tasting Tour in Santorini (with 3 local wineries)
  • A Seaside Beach Dinner in Santorini
  • Half-day Guided Excursion to the sacred religious island of Delos
  • Private Crete Tour with Top Sites and The Minoan Palace of Knossos
  • OPTIONAL: Opt to add-on or consider an alternate itinerary of the Undiscovered Greek Isles of Naxos & Milos

Considered one of the most beautiful regions of Germany – Bavaria will delight all who encounter its delicious foods, intriguing history and whimsical culture. From its famed fortresses, historic museums, enchanting markets, medieval villages and beloved beer gardens, this itinerary is infused with all our recommended top-best experiences! Delve into Franconia, Bavaria’s northern region, packed with charming cities, cultural treasures and distinct local vibes. Visit Wurzburg, explore the Old Town, Market Square and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of The Wurzburg Residence, and taste delightful local wines. Then embark onward into Rothenburg ob der Tauber to experience a memorable walk with a Night Watchman for an informative and entertaining journey through the alleyways; indulge in the best of Nuremberg on a sausage and beer tasting tour; and explore the villages of Bamberg, Regensburg and Bayreuth. Wrap up the adventure in the beloved Bavarian capital of Munich. For a true German experience, this package includes train journeys via the famous Deutsche Bahn with first-class reservations.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 1 Night Wurzbuerg + 1 Night Rothenburg + 5 Nights Nuremberg + 1 Night Munich
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Breakfast daily for two
  • Private Walking Tour of Wurzburg Old Town, Residence and Wine Tasting
  • Private Night Watchman Walking Tour in Rothenburg
  • Private Historic Rothenburg ob der Tauber Tour (from Nuremberg) with driver/guide
  • Private Nuremberg Sausage & Beers Walking-Tasting Tour
  • Traditional Dinner in Nuremberg at Bratwurst Roslein Restaurant
  • Private Nuremberg Cellars Walking Tour with Beer & Whiskey Tastings
  • Private Bamberg City Tour with Smoked Beer Tasting
  • OPTIONAL: Consider an extension to Bavaria’s finest alpine town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen to experience unforgettable panoramic views from Germany’s highest point where the Alps reveal more than 400-peaks in four countries; this year-round playground offers Glacier wonders, hiking, biking, skiing, riding the famous cable car ride to the peak of Lake Elbsee, and the extraordinary Partnach Gorge. OR perhaps a visit to Oberammergau for its historic Passion Play: OR a dreamy escape into perhaps the world’s most famous Romanesque Gothic Byzantine Neuschwanstein Castle.

Italy captures one’s heart at every turn. Nothing embodies a romantic getaway quite like Italy – especially one that begins in Rome. Explore the Eternal City and journey by train to romantic Sorrento on the picturesque Amalfi Coast. Stray from the tourist crowds and soak up the sun in Sorrento, the romantic seaside town on the Amalfi Coast, with a fun day-trip to the magical island of Capri. This idyllic Italian escape fully embraces Italy’s irresistible ambiance.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 3 Nights Rome + 3 Nights Sorrento
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Breakfast daily for two
  • Italian Rail Passes in 1st Class between cities
  • Private Arrival & Departure Transfers in each location
  • 3-Course Dinner in hand-picked restaurant (in Rome)
  • Private Vatican Museums Tour & St Peter’s Basilica (in Rome)
  • Private Afternoon in Rome Walking Tour with wine tasting at local winery
  • Private Sunset & Prosecco Boat Tour to Capri Island
  • 3-Course Dinner in hand-picked restaurant (in Sorrento)
  • Private Positano, Amalfi and Ravello Coastal Tour with driver/guide

Discover Northwest Italy from alpine vistas and picturesque landscapes of Piedmont to the seaside charming coastal towns on this packaged experience that includes four essential Italian gems – Turin, Lake Orta, Gavi and Portovenere in the Cinque Terra region. Explore Turin’s eclectic architecture and beautiful monuments and sample the famous Gianduja chocolates. Romantics will find it easy to fall in love with Lake Orta’s serenity and its historic medieval village, quaint cafes and sublime scenery. Sip delicious wines in Gavi, and visit a winemaking location that is particularly known for its white wines. The journey culminates in Liguria, the home of the Italian Riviera, where you will travel to the historic Roman port of Portovenere. Stroll the scenic harbor, taking in the area’s colorful houses and soak in the authentic coastal Italian vibes within the famous Cinque Terre neighboring villages.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 1 Night Turin + 1 Night Gavi + 2 Nights Lake Orta + 3 Nights Portovenere
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Breakfast daily for two
  • Italian Rail Passes in 1st Class between cities and/or Ground Transportation
  • Private Arrival & Departure Transfers in each location
  • Private Lake Orta Walking Tour & Boat Excursion
  • One Bottle of Local Wine
  • Private Sightseeing Tour to the Cinque Terre with local guide
  • One 3-Course Dinner in Portovenere

Take an exhilarating rail journey on this extraordinary adventure aboard multiple world-renowned trains and routes through the breathtaking Alps of Switzerland. This majestic experience includes the highlights of the country’s greatest cities, mountain alpine towns and scenic trains. Marvel in awe at eigers and glaciers, as you wine through an alpine wonderland like none other on Earth!

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 1 Night Zurich + 2 Nights Interlaken + 1 Night Montreux + 2 Nights Zermatt + 1 Night St Moritz + 1 Night Lugano + 2 Nights Lucerne
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Jungfraujoch Excursion
  • GoldenPass Line Scenic Train from Interlaken to Montreux
  • Glacier Express Scenic Train from Zermatt to St Moritz
  • Bernina Express Scenic Train from St Moritz to Lugano
  • Gotthard Route Train & Boat to Lucerne
  • Pre-Alpine Express with visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lake Lucerne
  • Mount Pilatus Cogwheel Train Excursion (or Gondola) in Lake Lucerne region
  • All train journeys can be requested in either 1st or 2nd Class Rail seating



Take a romantic escape into exotic Bali that will tempt your senses with relaxing spa treatments, sun drenched beaches, idyllic tropical ambiances and jaw dropping beautiful landscapes. Encounter ancient monuments, mesmerizing tribal music and cultural dances, culinary highlights, mischievous monkeys and colorful birds. Immerse yourself within a jungle-meets-beach vibe that lulls everyone into a tranquil state of mind with its mystical culture and world renowned Balinese island hospitality.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 3 Nights South Bali Beaches + 3 Nights Ubud + 2 Nights Sanur
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Airport Meet & Greet and all internal transportation (private driver/flights)
  • Private Bali Street Food & Gianyar Night Market Experience with local foodie guide
  • Sunset Over Uluwatu & Kecak Dance Cultural Experience with local beach dinner
  • Private Kintamani Monkey Forest, Bali Batuan & Tanah Lot Temples Excursion with Lunch
  • Private Haunted Valley, Waterfalls & Bengkel Village Excursion with mountain biking
  • Private Luxury High Tea & Floral Foot Bath and Massage Experience overlooking the Ayung River
  • OPTIONAL: Additional Spa Treatment Experiences in each location can be personalized for you

From picture-perfect beaches to adrenaline-rushes within the adventurous Outback, Australia has a unique vacation for everyone. Delve into Australia’s most essential must-do’s on this fun-packed itinerary from its bustling coastal capital of Sydney to its marvelous rugged desert and Ayers Rock, including its breathtaking coral reef playgrounds. Visit the famed Opera House, explore the Blue Mountains National Park, watch the magnificent sunrise and sunsets over the scared Uluru Red Rock, encounter Aboriginial culture, art and history, wander the World Heritage rainforests of Daintree, and snorkel the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Further enhance your adventure with an extension to taste the world-famous wines of Adelaide, experience the untamed landscapes of Kangaroo Island and bask in the tropical charm of Port Douglas.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 3 Nights Sydney + 2 Nights Adelaide + 1 Night Kangaroo Island + 3 Nights Melbourne + 2 Nights Uluru + 4 Nights Port Douglas
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Airport Meet & Greet and all internal transportation (private driver/flights)
  • The Sydney Opera House Tour (with optional tickets to a performance)
  • Private Full-Day Blue Mountains Excursion with lunch (from Sydney)
  • The Ultimate Kangaroo Island Experience
  • Private Boroughs & Sites of Melbourne Guided Tour
  • The Great Ocean Road Adventure (11-hrs) while in Melbourne
  • A Night at Field of Light with Dinner at Uluru Red Rock
  • Uluru Sacred Sites and Sunset Tour
  • 3-Day National Park Ticket at Uluru to enjoy exploring
  • Full-day Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef Cruise (from Port Douglas)
  • Sailaway Sunset Voyage with cocktails (from Port Douglas)
  • OPTIONAL: Extend longer and stay out on the Great Barrier Reef islands

Experience all of New Zealand’s greatest natural wonders on this all-encompassing self-drive itinerary, which includes both the North and South Islands. Explore all the major cities and discover the country’s varied landscapes from its alpine tops, waterfalls, rainforests, hot springs and geysers to its coastal beauty. Marvel at the sights in Rotorua, a city rich in geothermal terrain, and learn about the indigenous Maori culture. Relax at a Polynesian spa, home to naturally heated mineral pools that look out over Lake Rotorua. Be in awe of Mount Cook and Milford Sound aboard a boating cruise experience to soak in the wonders of the fjord’s glaciers and waterfalls. Discover mountain ranges and lakes before reaching the most stunning region of Franz Josef; then while at Rainbow Springs, encounter the celebrated Kiwi birds and their protected hatchery sanctuary; and enjoy a finale Journey on a marvelous train ride aboard the Coastal Pacific Tranz Alpine Train!

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 1 Night Auckland + 2 Nights Rotorua + 2 Nights Wellington + 3 Nights Christchurch + 3 Nights Queenstown + 2 Nights Franz Josef
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Rental Car of your choice (on each North & South Islands)
  • Deluxe Lake Spa Entrance Pass in Rotorua to enjoy the natural pools and lounge
  • Te Puia Thermal Reserve & Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Center
  • Private Walking Tour of Te Papa National Museum & Maori Culture in Wellington
  • Inter-Island Ferry Crossing from Wellington to Picton
  • Journey on a luxury glass-domed motorcoach tour from Queenstown to Lake Wakatipu
  • Full-day Milford Sound Tour and Cruise Experience from Queenstown
  • Explore Franz Josef at your leisure – activities available at additional cost include hiking, bushwalking, scenic flights, guided excursions and hot pools therapy soakings
  • Coastal Pacific Tranz Alpine Train ride from Greymouth to Christchurch

Escape to the beloved heart and soul of the South Pacific, into the idyllic paradise of Fiji. As you set your internal clock to Fijian time, unwind amid charming villages and unspoiled beaches; snorkel and swim within breathtaking coral reefs and explore the island on a wide variety of cultural and active excursions. Begin along the stunning Coral Coast and discover the beauty of Fiji’s interior, going off-the-beaten path along the Sigatoka River, learning about the traditional rites and customs with an amazing tour of the Naihehe Cave. Then whisk away to enjoy romantic evenings at your choice of an exclusive secluded island retreat with an array of ocean-based explorations.

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions

  • 2 Nights Coral Coast + 5 Nights Private Island Hideaway Retreat (or) Multi Islands
  • Choose from 4-5 Star Island Accommodations with my personal recommendations
  • Favorite Islands: Viti Levu, Mamanuca, Yasawa, Savusavu, Taveuni & Outer Isles
  • Daily breakfast for two + Optional Meal Plans for Lunch & Dinner
  • Airport Meet & Greet and all internal transportation (private driver/flights)
  • Sigatoka River Safari Excursion with Lunch (from Momi Bay)
  • OPTIONAL: Combine Islands for a longer paradise experience

Chill out in and escape your worries into serene locations ranging from Italy to France, Iceland to Finland, Japan to Argentina and everywhere in between. Slumber within an iconic luxury within the world’s most renowned 5-star Spa Resorts. Be spoiled and pampered with extraordinary amenities, divine spa treatments and healing well-being alternative practices, all with welcoming hospitality in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

We have a secret list and we welcome you to experience a curated wellness journey!

Inspiring Recommended Spa-Experiences

  • 3 Nights Minimum required on spa stay packages (longer stays on weekends and holidays required)
  • Mountain Retreat Spas
  • European Sauna Resorts
  • Wine Resort Spas
  • Beer Bath Spas
  • Geothermal Lagoons & Hot Springs Spas
  • Herbal Medicinal Spas
  • Desert Healing Lodges & Spas
  • Expert planning and recommended local excursions by Thirdhome Custom Travel



Experience the most prestigious historic golfing experience, with Thirdhome’s preferred golfing outfitter that is an authorized provider of guaranteed tee times on the Old Course at St Andrews. If you are seeking to make the pilgrimage to the Home of Golf with guaranteed advance arrangements to play The Old Course, then we can make this happen – for 2025 (unfortunately all 2024 Old Course tee times are sold out). Choose from two of our all-time favorite itineraries which feature the golfing experience along with the must-do Scottish Heritage sites and stellar regional experiences.

Please Note there is a 6-Night minimum requirement in conjunction with a guaranteed Old Course tee time.

Both itineraries are based on a self-drive experience with minimum of 4 golfers sharing 2 rooms

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions – MAY 2025 OPTION 1:

  • 6 Nights in Scotland – St Andrews & The Highlands
  • 4-5 Star Accommodations: The Fairmont St Andrews & Kingsmills Hotel in the Highlands
  • Golfing 6 Rounds: Old Course, New Course, Kingsbarn, Royal Dornoch, Castle Stuart and Nairn

Inspiring Recommended Itinerary & Inclusions – MAY 2025 OPTION 2:

  • 6 Nights in Scotland – St Andrews & Ayrshire
  • 5 Star Accommodations: The Fairmont St Andrews & Marine Troon
  • Golfing 6 Rounds: Old Course, New Course, Kingsbarn, Carnoustie, Turnberry (Alisa) and Royal Troon

Seeking an adrenaline rush at the most coveted of sporting events around the globe?

Thirdhome Custom Travel has insider contacts and can get you VIP access to any of the below prestigious courts, grandstands, racetracks and party tents!

Inspiring Recommended 2024-2025 Events

  • Horses: The Kentucky Derby / Preakness Stakes
  • Cars: Miami Grand Prix / Monaco Grand Prix / Indy 500 / Canadian Grand Prix / Spanish Grand Prix
  • Golf: The Masters / The US Open
  • Tennis: The French Open / Wimbeldon
  • Soccer: Champions League Final / The Euro FInals
  • Hockey: The Stanley Cup
  • Expert travel planning and recommended regional add-ons by Thirdhome Custom Travel

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